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The Family Triangulationship – Wife, Mom And Career Woman.

There is an awkward spot that many women find themselves in today. They are in the middle of a triangle – wife, Mom and career woman.

And it can be hard to deal with, even for the most skilled multi-tasker.

How do you balance the tugs and pulls on you that are rooted in the dynamic that each role seems to demand 100% of attention as Wife, Mom and Career Woman?

It’s not easy. As a matter of fact, it is an always daunting and often overwhelming task that can leave you left exhausted, frustrated and even feeling unappreciated in “The Muddle in the Middle.”

Is this a new phenomenon?

Or is it merely the 21st century’s latest iteration of the woman’s role? If you look back in history, you will discover that women have always had a central role in balancing the care of family and the nurturing of children and work tasks in the cities and farms.

FAST FORWARD to today and it is a spiraling blur of home-school-office-school-home-office that often runs from dawn til well past dusk.

When you realize that you are not alone, you have had the first awareness insight.  Now you can take a step back and look at all the whirling, twirling moving parts in your life.

How do you balance the tensions and stresses created by job issues, daycare, children/spousal needs and desires and your own emotional health that all combine to relentlessly compete for your time, talents and attention?

  • Hearing you.
  • Listening to you.
  • Understanding you.

It is a journey that we take together.

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