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Insightful Approach

THE PATHWAY TO SOLUTIONS – An Insightful Approach

To move toward solutions to successfully cope with the troubling issues in your world, we begin with complete personal honesty and self-awareness of what exists and that – in turn – leads to understanding the contributing factors.

Next, we define pathways that identify the options available and the desired next steps to help achieve a successful outcome.
Sometimes this is a plan to cope with an on-going reality that may never change, such as coping with the stress of long-term elder-care for parents.


It’s natural for people to get stuck in uncomfortable life situations where they are moving neither forwards nor backwards.  The prospect of change can also often be overwhelming, but once a few shifts are made the solution can be easier than staying stuck.  Often what seems unmanageable can be broken down into manageable steps.


Our role is to help clarify and develop strategies that will strengthen your ability to navigate through difficulties, stress and pain. There is no magic wand. There is no one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf or cookie-cutter solution. Every situation and set of circumstances is as unique as your own fingerprints.


People often have answers within themselves, but they may need to learn some new skills and strategies that will help them find solutions.

Time and patience are also important factors. Problems, issues, concerns and situational circumstances did not suddenly appear full grown overnight. They won’t be solved instantly either.

Together, we can develop practical plans to deal with challenging issues and life transitions in marriage, family, and professional or work situations.