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Fundamental Belief

A father gave his son a jigsaw puzzle of the world with every country on it.

He thought it would keep the young boy busy for a long time. But after just an hour, the boy called his father to come see what he had done.

To his shock and utter amazement, the entire puzzle of the world had been put together perfectly. The astonished father asked his son, ‘How did you put the world together so fast?’

The boy said, “Dad it is a two-sided puzzle. One side had a picture of a man on it. So I put the man together first and when I turned it over, the world had come out all right too.”

–Told by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen in 1955 on his television show, Life is Worth Living.

If you want to put your world together, the first step is to become aware of your role in shaping it. No individual can recognize or approach a problem or attempt to solve it via insightful counseling until they have become honestly self-aware of the problem, its roots, scope and many dimensions.